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❤FAQ❤ - Frequently Asked Questions



❤  Shipping is currently delayed beyond our control, some packages that are being shipped internationally are taking up to 8-10 weeks to arrive at their destinations. We are a Canadian company so please bare that in mind.

Canadian residents should also be aware that we are experiencing delays of up to 8 weeks inside of our country as well. We keep our shipping free because it is untracked in Canada, please bare this in mind when placing your order. 

❤  We will be shipping out orders, once a week to keep ourselves socially distant. 

❤ All packages are thoroughly sanitized when we receive them from our suppliers and when they leave our home to go to the post office. 

❤  We appreciate your kindness, patience and understanding in these difficult times and the support you give me as an artist. Thank you so much.  


❤  How much are your Worry Warts? 

Warts vary in price from $15 Canadian (including free international shipping) for a single wart, to up to $60 Canadian including free international shipping for a set. To see prices ahead of launches or restocks please make sure you sign up for our email list as we are able to share the prices there ahead of the items being available on the site. 

 My order for surprise Worry Warts hasn't shipped out yet, why? 

All worry warts are handmade, and sometimes we get a large volume of orders in a short span of time. There can be a bit of a wait to get them made, but we promise they are coming and have been made with extra love and care for you! 

❤ Will you make me a custom Worry Wart? 

Sorry, at this time we are not taking on ANY sort of custom work. We're focusing on making personal and creative designs that we've thought up! Thanks so much for considering me for this though! 

❤ When are the Worry Warts restocking? 

The best way to know when they will be back in stock is to follow my instagram or sign up here at the bottom of home page for my email list. You'll be notified before anyone else of when they will be back in stock again. Thanks for your support and patience! 

❤ I want a specific Worry Wart style from the surprise sets, or a specific eye colour from a pre-made set. 

At this time we are experiencing an incredibly high volume of orders and cannot complete any specific requests. We appreciate your support and kindness and patience, the surprise warts are supposed to be a surprise and are meant to inspire creativity and spontaneity in me as an artist. 

❤ Can I make my own Worry Wart? 

Worry warts are an original piece of artwork, and an original concept. I own the copyright to them and this is how I make my living.  It took me a long time to develop the idea behind them and they hold a lot of personal meaning for me.So people copying, reselling takes away from the work I did to make them and get them to where they are. I ask that people not copy my work, or replicate my designs and concept in any part it as it's very near and dear to my heart. 

❤ Can I just have a Worry Wart?

I wish I could give everyone worry warts but sadly the supplies and shipping cost lots of money, and I need to be able to support myself. Thanks for understanding that this is my passion but it's also my job and how I make my living. 

How do you pronounce your name?

Care-iss Combine Carrot and Paris and there in the middle you have my name Carys. To remember just imagine a carrot attacking the eiffel tower.

Proudly depicted in this epic picture by my friend Tiffany Tate. 

❤ Do you have a PO Box that I can mail fan art or presents to? 

Yes I do, just please don't send me anything dangerous, or with liquids in it. PO Box 38035 CAPILANO RPO
Edmonton AB t6a3y6

❤ Where do you shop, or get supplies?  

I have a list of things that I recommend located here. This includes supplies, home goods, clothing, and books. Feel free to check it out! CLICK HERE TO SHOP MY RECOMMENDATIONS

Where is your studio located?


My studio is located on the south side of Edmonton inside of an office building,that has been health board approved and insured my studio is by appointment only so I don't like to give out the address to people without existing appointments as it can be disruptive having people showing up unexpectedly and I want to be able to focus on you. If you'd like to come for a visit unfortunately you'll need to book an appointment.Thanks for understanding


❤ When will your tattoo books open again? 

Due to Covid-19 I do not have an answer to this question at the moment. I don't know when I will be taking new appointments or tattooing again. 


Do you work at tattoo conventions?

❤NOT YET, I would love to but I haven't found a convention that I wanted to make the trip to yet. If you are interested in me to attending your convention, just email me: caryscuttlefish@hotmail.com 


Will you be doing guest spots with tattoo studios in different countries?

❤Absolutely, I would love to do that if your shop is interested in hosting me, just contact me: caryscuttlefish@hotmail.com


How do I book an appointment with you?

❤ If my books are open 

Email Caryscuttlefish@hotmail.com

Include reference photos, size, budget, a brief description of the piece or a screenshot my flash that you'd like me to do. 

Pay your deposit via etransfer, and choose a date from the ones I provide and you'll have an appointment. :) 

   Can I get your artwork tattooed by someone else?

❤No please and thank you, my artwork was made to be tattooed by me and only me. Although I'm deeply complimented that you want to get it. If you'd like to get one of my pieces tattooed then please book an appointment with me or suggest your local tattoo shop reach out to me for a guest spot <3  


Do you take design commissions?

❤Unfortunately my tattoo schedule and other projects keeps me pretty preoccupied. I don't have time to take on any outside design work or projects. 





Carys Cuttlefish is a Canadian shop so keep in mind that your order will automatically be converted to Canadian currency once it's completed.

❤  We use Canada Post to ship all our orders, so Canadian orders do not have tracking on them at this time. Please be patient with us and allow adequate time for the parcels to arrive as a result. 

♥I accept most payment options so please check the cart section to see if your payment will be accepted.

 ♥ Can I pay with Venmo? Sorry we don't accept this form of payment

♥ I'm having difficulty paying for my order, it's not accepting my card? Please contact Shopify support as our store is powered by them and they will be able to serve you better. 

Do you ship internationally?

♥YES, Location and shipping charges can be selected for your destination upon check out. All orders ship for free. 


Where do orders ship from?

♥All orders are shipped out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


 What is the processing time?

 ♥Carys Cuttlefish is only run by two people, with that being said sometimes things can get a little hectic you can expect 1-7 days to process depending on what you've ordered. 

During launches, orders may take between 1-14 days to process to make sure that everything ships safely and the orders are accurate.

If you have made a pre-order it will ship a bit later than this once the items are received. Please check the item page to see what the shipping date for your order will be. 

Thank you for understanding and supporting my artwork!



 What shipping carrier do you use? Can I track my order?

 ♥ To keep shipping free to Canada and the US all orders are sent surface mail. So tracking numbers are not available at this point in time. I use Canada Post to ship all of my packages across the world. 


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

 ♥Shipping times will vary depending on location:

♥Please allow 15-60 days for international shipping

♥Please allow 5-20 days for domestic shipping



 What happens if my package goes missing?

 ♥The postal service is not exempt from making mistakes, or losing packages, as many of us know from shopping online.

I am not responsible for customs/duty charges or any lost packages/failed deliveries. If your package goes missing I will do my absolute best to try and locate it, so don't hesitate to shoot me an email about this. 

♥I wrap everything with extra love and tender care but sometimes despite our best efforts the postal service doesn't handle our packages as carefully as they should. I am not responsible for any heavy damaged packages but please email us and we will see how we can help you. <3 


 Returns and Replacements

All sales are final. No refunds, returns or order cancellations.

♥Carys Cuttlefish does not accept returns. The size guides & description of products are made very clear, so all sales are final.