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Shop Update April 30 Product and Price List

It's time my lovelies to see what we've got up for grabs this upcoming update, and what everything is going to cost!!

So first up it's time for the announcements, just to make sure that we are keeping everyone in the loop and you are staying up to date I hope you'll give them a read <3 

Remember to show up on time to this update, as we tend to sell out VERY quickly of our more popular items. 
April 30 at 6pm MST Mountain Standard Time
if you are unsure of when this will be for you can use google to convert this to your local time zone.


Please make sure that you set an alarm for the update, we do send emails out when we restock the shop but they are sent out in batches by our server and are not a reliable notification system for when the shop goes live. We don't want anyone missing out. 


Making multiple orders can mean you can take your time picking what you'd like. If you guys make multiple orders, there is no need to email us, we have a great new system that allows multiple orders to automatically be combined so they all ship out together. So if you place any orders over a 24 hour window they will all be put together. 


Just a reminder we have customer accounts now so that you guys will have a faster checkout experience, this is a new thing and is separate from our email list. The email list notifies you of updates, the customer account keeps track of your orders, keeps track of your address and helps you to check out more quickly! 
To sign up, you can follow the little icon to the left of your current currency flag. 


We also have a new automatic currency converter, which means that our site will now detect your country and automatically show the prices in that currency so you know exactly how much you will be spending. If you want to change the currency at any point just tap the flag and select how you'd like to pay. 
PLEASE NOTE CHECKOUT IS ALWAYS IN CANADIAN DOLLARS, so you may see a price increase or decrease at checkout that is only because it is being converted to CAD. Any time Canadian dollars are in effect like at checkout you will see those three letters (CAD) 
We hope this makes things easier for you guys <3 


WE ARE SHIPPING TO THE UK AGAIN! We finally managed to get everything sorted out and are finally able to process orders to the UK again! Welcome back friends! 


All of the handmade Worry Warts are going to be pre-orders this time to try and keep up a little bit better with demand. That means everyone will need to allow at least a months lead time before their packages ship. We are also only bringing back previously released styles this round to give everyone a shot at a popular style that they might have previously missed out on. We love you guys so much and wanted to give you as many opportunities as possible to adopt a friend. 


$50 Each 


❤This item also does not qualify for our Free Worldwide Shipping, to keep it more affordable for everyone.

❤  Worry warts are meant to be a friend, someone you can share secrets with, or a tool for whatever you want to overcome.They are meant to be a sympathetic soul mate, and that’s why their faces look so very worried! Because they’re taking on the trouble for you. Traditionally my warts have been made out of clay,sculpted by hand and made in loving memory of Mary Woodbury my grandmother who raised me and was a childrens book author.  I wanted to take my idea a step further and finish this concept into a dream that I had always intended for them and that's where you guys come in! 

We are hoping that this project, will be the first of many to come like this and we have decided to take a risk to try and fund this project entirely on our own without the use of a crowd funding website so we can keep this product as affordable as possible for everyone. We hope that you all enjoy this project and that with it we will be able to bring you many more like it. 

♡The pockets are what make these plush so special 

❤ Each of these plush has a unique little heart pocket on it's back, that can be used for all manner of comforting techniques when you or your loved one is experiencing stress. 

  1. Here are just a few of its potential uses. 

  2. -Hold a list of things that are bothering you.

  3. -Use it to hold Calm Down Cards, art cards with helpful mindfulness practices that we've designed especially to accompany our plush

  4. -Aromatherapy 

  5. -To keep a photo of a loved on that you miss or are worried about.

  6. -To help children communicate concerns or worries more easily. 

  7. -Hold a list of things you are grateful for. 

  8. -Hold a calm down list steps you can take if you're feeling upset.

  9. -Use it to hold your original sculpted Worry Warts

  10. - Or any other positive activity that your imagination can whip up. 

♡ General Plush info ♡

♡ Size: 42*24*19 (Bat Plush) 42* 24*19 (Bubblegum Plush) 33*24*19 (Planter Plush) 
♡ Fabrics used: Velboa, Minky Plush 
♡ Stuffing: PP Cotton 
♡ Safety Certifications:  CE Test for European Markets, CCPSA and SOR/2011-17 for Canadina Market and CPSIA and ASTM F963 for US Markets


♡ All images and character creations are copyrighted and owned by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury. Any reproduction or modified reproduction is prohibited unless granted proper permission by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury 

 ❤This item also does not qualify for our Free Worldwide Shipping, to keep it more affordable for everyone.

Planter Worry Wart Enamel Pin 

$20 each 

Cherry Blossom Worry Wart Enamel Pin 

$20 each

Potato Worry Wart Pin

$20 each

Mushroom Worry Warts Pins 

3 colours to choose from, black, red, and purple

$20 a grade

$15 b grade 

Lily of the Valley Worry Wart Enamel Pin 

$20 each 

Baby Baphomet Enamel Pins

$20 each 

Set for $30

Candy Skull Enamel Pin

$20 Each 

Baby Bat Pins 

$20 each 

Set of 4 for $60

Demoon Neko Pin

$20 Each 

Kitty Resurrection Candle Enamel Pin 

$20 each 

Mushroom Glitter Sticker

$9 each 

Just a Bad day Glitter Sticker

$9 each 

Creepy Cutie Beanie 

$29 Each 


Gloombles Gimme Cherries T-shirts 

Available in 4 colours : Black, Pink, Oxblood Black, and Asphalt 

Available in sizes Unisex XS-4XL 

Prices vary between sizes -$40 - $47 Includes Free Worldwide shipping 


Worry Wart Mushroom Skies Earrings 
$25 each 
Gloomble Warts 
$20 each 
Galactic Carrot Warts
$20 each
Lily of the valley Worry Wart
$20 each 


Planter Worry Wart

$20 each 

Surprise Worry Warts

$17 each


$40.00 each for a set of three 

Potato Worry Wart

$20 each 




Froggy Worry Wart

$20 each 


Fruit Bat Worry Warts

Lemon, Blueberry, Orange and Strawberry 

$20 Each 

Peach Worry Warts

$20 each



Mushroom Worry Warts 

in Black, Red and Pink 

$20 Each 

Lemon Worry Wart

$20 Each  



Poop Worry Warts Earrings 

$45 each 



Night and Bright Set 
$40 each 
this set will include two new worry warts finished with the heart healing sigil that I've designed and finished with all their fine details in gold. This set was so popular that we had to bring it back, ONE last time to give everyone a second chance. 

Thank you all so much for your continued interest, and support for my work. I'm genuinely so grateful that you're all here and ask myself every day what I did to be so fortunate as to have you all with me! I hope you all had a wonderful week and we will see you all tomorrow for the update!