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be back soon <3

Dear Friends,
A little while ago Mr.Cuttlefish experienced a serious health crisis, his appendix ruptured and he needed emergency surgery to have it and a large part of his colon removed. The recovery time for this procedure is lengthly, and as he is the head of our shipping team we've made the decision to close things down while we get caught up on existing orders so as to not overwhelm ourselves or him upon return to work. If you have questions or concerns about your orders, please reach out to us at: <br>
and we would be happy to help you. Currently we are experiencing delays of up to 6 weeks with processing due to this emergency situation.
We appreciate your kindness, support and patience while we work through this difficult time,
If you would like to get notified of our return please will sign up for our email list on this page.
Thank you for your continued interest and kindness.
All the love

Carys and her team