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The Balancer Folklore Card
The Balancer Folklore Card

The Balancer Folklore Card


Learn the legend and folklore of this creature, with detailed stories and information on the back of the card as well as a Divination, Oracle, or Fortune in case you decide to build your collection of these cards and want to make a custom deck. 



There are magical creatures in this world, human like in form that walk the line between the light and the dark. Both have their place though most would say that darkness is something we should ignore instead of embracing. 

We all have those qualities inside of us, and the balancer is responsible with keeping dark and light in check within themselves, our world and others. An excess of either can be detrimental don't you think, but too little and would we recognize the other when its in front of us? 

Without rain can we appreciate sunshine? 

Without the bad behaviour of others would we be able to see the good in those who treat us well? 

The Balancers exist to ensure that life holds just as much beauty as it does disturbance. 

You might think this a meaningless talent, but truly without the other life would all appear the same shade, tone, and texture.

Balance is key. 

In everything. 


❤ Divination/Fortune meaning:

Be honest with yourself friend? Have you been indulging in too much of a good thing lately? Or maybe the opposite, are you stuck in something dark that's holding you back from coming out of the other side. 

Now is the time to recognize that you need more balance, I know that it can be hard. Too much grief can swallow you whole, and too much indulgence can lead you to an unhealthy place. 

Take things bit by bit,  and gradually add a bit of the opposite into your life. That's when you'll be able to shine. 

I believe in you. 

 Measures 4.2 x 5.5 inches

❤Glossy front. 

❤ High quality printing, so it can be displayed or framed.