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Samhain Folklore Card
Samhain Folklore Card

Samhain Folklore Card

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Learn the legend and folklore of this creature, with detailed stories and information on the back of the card as well as a Divination, Oracle, or Fortune in case you decide to build your collection of these cards and want to make a custom deck. 


Divination/Fortune meaning:

Ask your ancestors to guide you and protect you on this path. Take some time to reflect on what has been, and what has been lost. Slow yourself down for a moment and remember to relax, eat good food, care for yourself and those around. When you heal and start fresh your perspective will be clear and you can move towards something bigger and better.



The holiday that we know as Halloween today, originated in part from the Gaelic holiday of Samhain and alleged to be the witches new year. On this day October 31st leading into November 1 the doorways to the otherworld open up and the veil between the two gets to its thinnest point allowing for communication with those who have passed and for them to walk into our world once more. Samhain is in essence a festival for the dead.

Some stories suggest that offerings and sacrifices were also made at Samhain, to appease the Fomorians. These gods were harmful and destructive, and the Irish would do anything in their power to stop them from bringing plague and misfortune to their communities. Potentially part of the origins of our modern day Trick or Treat custom, if you don’t give up an offering then you would be cursed with plague or drought that year.

Samhain is still observed today by some in the pagan religion, it is considered a day to remember our ancestors, and loved ones  who have passed on and pay our respects to them once more while enjoying feasts and festivities. You could even invite them to come dine with you for the evening and set them out a place at your table.


Measures 4.2 x 5.5 inches

❤Glossy front. 

❤ High quality printing, so it can be displayed or framed. 

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