Gloomble Plush
Gloomble Plush
Gloomble Plush
Gloomble Plush

Gloomble Plush

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  Gloombles are creatures that are intended to be companions for those experiencing emotional discomfort. This one in particular is a regular house Gloomble, they live beneath floorboards and are fuelled by negative energy,  often times they encourage those who are going through something difficult to try and see that one day the feelings they are burdened with might not be so heavy. Each Gloomble has a sigil emblazoned on it's forehead, and they are meant to act as a fortune for what the future might hold for the person who discovers them. In this instance, the sigil represents the healing of the heart, opening up once more to let the sunlight back in after a period of darkness or loneliness. Feed your gloomble some of it's favourite delicacies, which include ripe cherries, bread crumbs and dirt clods and it may just stay with you even after the tough times have passed and the sunshine has come back in. 

The pockets are what make these plush so special 

 Each of these plush has a unique little heart pocket on its back, that can be used for all manner of comforting techniques when you or your loved one is experiencing stress. 

  1. Here are just a few of its potential uses. 
  2. -Hold a list of things that are bothering you.
  3. -Use it to hold Calm Down Cards, art cards with helpful mindfulness practices that we've designed especially to accompany our plush
  4. -Aromatherapy 
  5. -To keep a photo of a loved on that you miss or are worried about.
  6. -To help children communicate concerns or worries more easily. 
  7. -Hold a list of things you are grateful for. 
  8. -Hold a calm down list steps you can take if you're feeling upset.
  9. -Use it to hold your original sculpted Worry Warts
  10. - Or any other positive activity that your imagination can whip up. 

 General Plush info 

 Size: 11X10x6 inches 

♡ Fabrics used: Velboa, Minky Plush 

♡ Stuffing: PP Cotton 

♡ Safety Certifications:  CE Test for European Markets, CCPSA and SOR/2011-17 for Canadina Market and CPSIA and ASTM F963 for US Markets

♡ All images and character creations are copyrighted and owned by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury. Any reproduction or modified reproduction is prohibited unless granted proper permission by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury