Cherry Gloomble Mini plush
Cherry Gloomble Mini plush

Cherry Gloomble Mini plush

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 Gloombles are the guardians of the depressed and down and out. These creatures appear in your darkest times to gobble up the negative energy, and do everything in their power to make you feel better again. This Gloomble, is the amazing and juicy cherry variety. An encourager of growth when all that is left is despair the sigil on their forehead and behind symbolizes growing and moving forward from something deeply painful only to become more yourself than you were before. The creatures are alleged to grow on the same great cherry tree, where two lovers would meet, the love that they shared enchanted the tree and made sure that the feelings they had for one another would protect those in need by giving them this important and powerful fruit...   General Plush info 
♡ Each plush comes with a keychain clip so it can be attached to any bag or zipper pull  

 Size of each side: 9cm x 5 cm 

♡ Fabrics used: Velboa, Minky Plush 

♡ Stuffing: PP Cotton 

♡ Safety Certifications:  CE Test for European Markets, CCPSA and SOR/2011-17 for Canadina Market and CPSIA and ASTM F963 for US Markets

♡ All images and character creations are copyrighted and owned by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury. Any reproduction or modified reproduction is prohibited unless granted proper permission by Carys Cuttlefish/Carys Woodbury