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Lemon Bat Worry Wart

Lemon Bat Worry Wart

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❤ This listing is for a single Lemon Bat Worry Wart  

❤ Each Worry Wart is hand sculpted,sealed and detailed by hand and as such slight imperfections and differences. Warts will vary from the ones photographed 

 Worry Warts are based on the tradition of worry dolls. My grandmother Mary Woodbury use to gift me worry dolls because I was an a very anxious little girl. She was a childrens book author, and her stories often taught young people how to be an individual,to create and to learn to love themselves as they are. After her passing several years ago I wanted to create something that enveloped all the things that she meant to me and hoped to give the world around her. Worry warts are meant to be a friend, someone you can share secrets with, or a tool for whatever you want to overcome.You can tell them your troubles, keep them in your pocket, on your desk, use them as a reminder of a mantra. They are meant to be a sympathetic friend, and that’s why their faces look so very worried! Because they’re taking on the trouble for you.

You can keep in your pocket, on your bedstand, on your desk or even in your bag! They fit most anywhere and are a sure fire way to keep the stress at bay!

Each worry wart also comes with an info card that makes it easy to gift it to a loved one going through a difficult time so that they understand what it is!

❤ Each wart that has a diifferent styles of eyes, the eyes are always a surprise. 

❤ These worry warts come in a bag scented with natural herbs to be precise if there is an allergy please let me know and I will make sure your package is scent free. 

❤ Worry warts are small and sometimes have sharp parts like crystals or other metal adornments they can be considered hazardous to choking they are not suitable for small children.

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