Catdrake Root Folklore Card
Catdrake Root Folklore Card

Catdrake Root Folklore Card

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Learn the legend and folklore of this creature, with detailed stories and information on the back of the card as well as a Divination, Oracle, or Fortune in case you decide to build your collection of these cards and want to make a custom deck. 


Divination/Fortune meaning:

Take special care to nurture your loved ones, they may need it more than you know. Ask those you call your family whatever that means for you how they have been lately and really ensure that they are doing well. The health and wellness of your nearest and dearest is just as important as your own. Luck and love are sure to follow when you create a community of kindness and compassion. 




Mandrake, is a plant commonly known for two defining features. The uncanny resemblance of the roots to the human form, and it’s incredible toxicity if consumed.

The Mandrake gained an infamous reputation in relation to magic and witchcraft According to the legend, when the root is dug up, it screams and kills all who hear it. There were several pieces of literature discovered to have complex instructions for unearthing the roots safely.

the roots of this poisonous plant were often altered to and given a sculpted face. This special carved root often referred to as a “Mannakin” was then used to house a spirit. Ritual preparations were made to bring the spirit into the prepared root. It would be kept in a coffin shaped box, and hidden out of sight. Regular offerings of honey, milk, oil or blood would be sprinkled over the root so it would remain active.

The Mannakin would act as a spirit familiar, protector and teacher and was treated as an honoured ancestor and family member. The Mannakin and its spirit were often passed down through the generations maintaining the original spirit contract and serving generations.

Measures 4.2 x 5.5 inches

❤Glossy front. 

❤ High quality printing, so it can be displayed or framed.