Foxglove folklore card
Foxglove folklore card

Foxglove folklore card

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Learn the legend and folklore of this creature, with detailed stories and information on the back of the card as well as a Divination, Oracle, or Fortune in case you decide to build your collection of these cards and want to make a custom deck. 


Divination/Fortune meaning:

It's best sometimes to leave things as they are, try your best to release whatever you've been holding on to that isn't serving your best interest. Now is the time for play and relaxation, take some time to enjoy being in nature. Whatever season you find yourself in. Thank the plants and animals around you for their contributions and fill yourself with that grateful energy instead of any darkness that was there before. 



Digitalis is most commonly referred to by its nickname “Foxglove”. This tall flowering plant is often used as an ornamental addition to a beautiful garden, but is also infamously poisonous. Picking foxglove flowers is also said to be particularly unlucky and they are best left undisturbed. It is said that to pick them, it robs the fairies, elves, and pixies of a plant they particularly delight in.

Foxgloves are also said to never truly be sitting still, they will often be seen bending and bowing in the wind as they pay their respects to the faeries that pass them by.

The name foxgloves has been rumoured to originate from a great many sources. There is a story wherein the foxes were gifted these flowers by fairies to wear as gloves, so they could sneak into the hens house undetected for a snack.  Folks, was a common word for faeries at the time, and it is said that Fox is a mispronunciation of Folks in the word Foxglove, as the dappled patterns inside the flowers mimic small hand prints of the Fae. Norse legends saw the fox wear these flowers in a garland around its neck, the sound of the flowers chimes would protect it from hunters and an untimely death.

Measures 4.2 x 5.5 inches

❤Glossy front. 

❤ High quality printing, so it can be displayed or framed.