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Bleeding Heart Folklore Card
Bleeding Heart Folklore Card

Bleeding Heart Folklore Card

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Learn the legend and folklore of this creature, with detailed stories and information on the back of the card as well as a Divination, Oracle, or Fortune in case you decide to build your collection of these cards and want to make a custom deck. 


Divination/Fortune meaning:

Someone out there burns for you, in a way that you aren't able to see. A passionate love, one that could last for all the ages, is just at your fingertips but you may be too focused on other things to notice it at this time. Make sure you are grateful for the efforts that others are making towards you, and you don't take them for granted. You could learn to regret it down the road.



Bleeding heart flowers, have a rich history in folklore

This beautiful flower, comes in more than one colour, the most common being pink. It is said to symbolize unyielding and everlasting love and its white version is said to embody purity and protection. In victorian practices they were given alongside valentines cards to denote, a very serious romantic intention and tone. In some cultures, the bleeding heart flower can represent spurned or rejected love. A flower that looks like e melting heart, very literally symbolizes how one might ache for another. However, it can also simply symbolize feeling compassion and love for everything in creation a true symbol of the empathetic side that we all seem to have, and how our hearts bleed for the misfortune of others and the tragedies of the world. 

There are also a few optical illusions associated with the flower and it’s unique petals. If you turn a flower upside down and pull the two halves apart, you’ll see a lady in a pink bathtub, or perhaps you’ll see a white lyre (an old timey musical instrument) with strings of silk.

Some of you in childhood, may have heard the story of the princess and the prince. It was a tale  of love and loss that was traditionally told while peeling back the petals of the flower and it’s unique shapes as each layer was pulled back.The story follows a prince who has fallen madly in love with a princess and decided to bring her  a platitude of different gifts in an attempt to win her heart, first pink rabbits to which she bore no response, then expensive earrings which she wore but was unmoved , and finally silk slippers that did nothing to impress her  Unfortunately, none of these fancy things swayed her, and utterly heartbroken the prince pierces his own heart with a blade. It is only when he has done this that the princess is moved to realize how true and undying his love is, and in turn falls in love with him only as he slips away. Her heart now bleeds along side his for all of eternity. It is said that the very first of these plants sprung up in the place where the prince passed away. 

These flowers also have an association with death and mourning, and are meant to symbolize the pain that we carry with us long after a loved one has gone. That our hearts will bleed in memory for them, and when planted the love will grow year over year, just like the blooms of the plant that multiply steadily as the years pass by. 



 Measures 4.2 x 5.5 inches

❤Glossy front. 

❤ High quality printing, so it can be displayed or framed.