Witches BLM Support Sticker
Witches BLM Support Sticker

Witches BLM Support Sticker

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 Witches against white supremacy

I am not a person of colour, but I want to support, and show that I stand with those who are being unjustly oppressed, murdered and abused as a result of their skin tone. It is unfair to discriminate against anyone for the things that they were born with, we can choose to love and support and show kindness over hate.

❤ We have successfully donated $1000 Canadian to Black Lives Matter so far! Thank you! Once these stickers sell out I will be able to donate another $1000 Canadian to the cause. 

All the profits that are made off of these stickers will go directly to Black Lives Matter.

  Measures 4 inches

  Water and weather proof Vinyl